Just for the record NO one on this side of the pond has the right or authority to make or sell my pizza, dressing, or other products or replicas of my products!  In fact the guy who is doing so is doing so as a breach of our written business agreement and betrayal of our 17 year friendship!

After I agreed to take my time and trust him enough to establish and build his kitchen.

More details:

I've been making this pizza and salad dressing for over 30 years!  I was very fortunate to have been able to buy and earn this pizza recipe as a result of LOTS of money, very hard work, and sacrifices on my part and my amazing mother's help.

Many people through the years have been exposed to the secret ingredients and processes of the recipe but ONLY one person, who very obviously lacks decency and moral development, took advantage of the opportunity.

This cowardice man, who clearly was devious and could not create his own way in business, convinced me that he was my dear trustworthy friend and learned many details in a very sly way about my secret and very hard earned and expensive recipes...

He made lots of promises to me verbally (he is a convincing liar) and in writing  (Yes as advised though I felt terrible because I thought he was my friend, I even had him sign a written non disclosure agreement)  that my secret recipes, ingredients, and processes in particular for making this special product were safe with him ...

So he thinks he was slick and now  is making money and a reputation in the business world as having a great pizza for himself by making replicas of my products. He is presenting to the public as if these are his products, in breach of his word and a written agreement with me. He chose making more money over integrity, respect and the friendship we shared for 17+ years, and forever his loss! 

I have not taken legal action (yet ) doesn't mean that I wouldn't win!

It doesn't mean  he's not an A@^*&># !!!

it simply means i have chosen not to go that route ....yet...???

he is and always will be a total  A#*H*#@

Reasons I decided to not go the legal route is because

a) karma will occur

b) he just finally finished paying off all his debt to my dear friend / business partner. I was waiting for her to be paid in full

c) to engage in this battle in court thus far is due to my choice for how to spend my time, energy and money but I will forever will continue to share the truth!

He gets to look in the mirror and watch his back and live with the truth!

It is sad and pitiful that a man has to steal ideas & knowledge from a great friend, to cheat a friend,  and hang on her coattails to try to be a success!

I will be happy to talk with anyone interested in the details and provide evidence of these stated facts! There are many more ugly details of his actions leading to this situation.

Please share the facts & keep visiting 'Our House' and / or supporting Dam Good Foods. The ONLY Original Dam Good Foods Pizza and Salad dressing!

Thank you again and again and again for your ongoing support !

Thank you for the ongoing & extraordinary support!