'Our House' serves 'Dam Good Foods!'

Both 'Our House' and Dam Good Foods LLC are simply privileges earned from a long unique journey of commitment, hard work, positivity, loyalty, and sincere friendships. 

From a Grassroots beginning through many stages of personal growth and business development, we have landed here in Locust Point in the company of some of the greatest people on earth!  Once just a vision now a reality!   We GET to work hard and enjoy all the challenges and benefits of an extraordinary venture!

We are proud to serve


Always from scratch ....

Our History....

        Our Vision...

Dam Good Foods LLC was established in 1992 though this delicious pizza recipe has been made by the owner since 1986 when she bought and was taught the pizza recipe and process from the originators who brought the product to USA from Italy in 1943.

Dam Good Foods has evolved from many generations of fine food and good people.  At Our House we make all our foods fresh from scratch daily.  Each ingredient is carefully selected, each item hand prepared, each meal is a labor of  love. We hope you can taste the love in every bite!

,Dam Good Foods LLC  T/A  'Our House' opened in Locust Point  in October 2012 to offer a relaxed atmosphere for people to come in feeling good and relax, feed their brain and belly, then leave feeling better! Though this location is new in it's name,

the vision of this business has a long history.  A compilation of the right ingredients, lots of hard work, a dose of creativity, and  extraordinary friendships, and a venue was created for sharing simple, delicious, comfort foods and libations as well as much laughter and positive attitudes are a daily routine...

We choose to embrace life, sustain our earth, support local artisans and artists, respect all living people and critters, refuse to waste and always will give back to the world!

The vision is that many will join us in having fun, choosing positive thoughts, living healthy, happy, and mindful lives making lots of great memories at this place we call Our House!!